IDLE MOMENTS are few and far between...

...but one place we do have them is while we are taking a quick break or patiently waiting. That’s where we come in...

What is Marlborough Magazine all about?

It's easy reading, nothing too heavy. Just a light and enjoyable read for a relaxed idle moment.
Featuring informative and captivating articles from our interviews with New Zealand and international celebs alongside well known locals.

We commit to showcasing local business, people and events to help ensure our community is working together to build collaboration within our region.

We aim to provide useful tips/advice on pop culture and interesting information to enrich our readers

Plus Horoscopes, competitions and puzzles for reader interaction

What more could you want?

• Marlborough Mag is a-free-to-the-reader, community based magazine with an online presence via our website, Facebook and Instagram

• m  mag provides readers with light and entertaining content to enjoy in an idle moment, while promoting local businesses and events. 

• Marlborough Magazine  is distributed everywhere there is a captive audience of locals and visitors, eg. cafes, bars, waiting rooms and receptions at health centres, dentists, hair & beauty salons, garages, takeaways... the list goes on.

• Marlborough Magazine has thorough coverage through Marlborough including Blenheim, Renwick, Havelock, Rai Valley Picton, Seddon, Ward and Kaikoura.

• We distribute 5,000 copies to over 350 locations and this is growing every month as more and more readers snap up their copies!


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