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October 2018 Edition

The Next Generation are our future leaders.

How we can help the youth of today lead 

us into a bright & positive future? 

We look at some amazing work our community is doing to 

support the younger generation.


We're In Good Hands

Imagine being told at 16 years old, “You’re going to be a Dad!” Meet Noa Woolloff, a young man with an inspiring story of 

turning a huge life challenge into an opportunity to grow and make a positive impact on the world.

Gateway For The Future

As a parent, we often imagine and sometimes worry what our children will do with their lives and what path their journey will take them on.

Invest In Your Future...

... by supporting the next neration.

Local business on a mission to invest in the future of New Zealand

Pimp Your Palace

The latest independent homeware site is PMH Homeware and Furnishings, based in an aircraft hangar in Omaka Aerodrome right here in Marlborough, established by the infectiously energetic and savvy interior stylist Pip Hally.

Five Day Tour to D ’Urville Island

Come and explore the magic and serenity of island life at D’Urville Island with Rose & Will Parsons of Driftwood Retreats & Eco Tours.

Kick-Start Your Summer

Ocean Vine Hop 2018 continues to build on the inaugural event’s success and has more on offer for the hop enthused with the addition of Beer Alley.

The Little Mermaid

This classic Disney title contains all of the songs from the Academy Award winning animated feature film as well as three new songs from the Broadway show.

Take A Trip To The Med

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for obscure, hard to nd ingredients, or the most basic kitchen staples. Maybe you like convenience foods, or want to make everything from scratch. Or maybe you value local. No matter what you're into, Mediterranean Food Marlborough is the place to nd the tastiest, best version of it.

Garden Marlborough Celebrates

This year Garden Marlborough turns 25. With a new naming sponsor, local family-owned wine business Rapaura Springs, the energetic and still youthful garden festival could not be in better heart as it hits its quarter-century at full pace.

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