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September 19 Edition

By definition, the past is of course behind us, it may be gone but it’s never forgotten. The past helped set the very foundations we build our lives on, the way we work, how we raise our families and how we embrace the future. Here in Marlborough we have a lot to be proud of; from humble

beginnings, the region we call home has grown and thrived over the centuries. We are lucky that there are some very dedicated people helping preserve and protect our heritage and past, treading softly in the footsteps of generations who have gone before towards a future as yet


History is important to us all, we pass on stories and memories to each new generation, ensuring links to family that have gone before. There is something comforting about having a sense of belonging in time and place and it is our great pleasure to help celebrate just a few of the people who help make that possible in this edition of the Marlborough Magazine.

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